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Secure encryption 

Easy configuration 

Technical support 

Simple restore 

Low cost 

All data kept in Canada 


  • Where is the Data? Data is stored in Canada on servers. Not subject to U.S. laws.
  • Is data secure? Yes. Data is encrypted and cannot be restored or viewed without the individual password.
  • What laws apply? There are some requirements regarding some types of personal orprivate data. Check with a lawyer to know your precise requirements.
  • How much time is required for file restore? Usually, only a few minutes. With large/numerous files, somewhat longer.
  • Is there faster restore of large/numerous) files? Yes. Contact us for an immediate restore. We can deliver and restore data on disk anywhere in the greater Victoria BC area. Otherwise, mail or courier.

We store your data safely and securely!

Providing The Best Quality Data Backup

What We Do

Well tested over many years, this is as good as it can be! You can relax, knowing that your vital data is safe from hurricane, flood, fire and robbery. No prying eyes will invade your privacy either... not even us, because YOU keep the digital encryption password key required to restore your data.

We maintain the servers that preserve your backup data, so you don't have to. 

We provide expert professional advice and technical support for best-practices off-site backup. 

Work With Us

The system is largely automated, but initial installation, configuration, and file selection can be somewhat technical. We provide on-site technical assistance for installation and configuration of the backup software. If your emailed report indicates any problem then technical help is available.

Our systems analyst can help with all this.

Please use our Contact form and tell us about your requirements.